SysML-Companion is a Model Driven Development (MDD) tool that automatically generates simulable models from SysML specification. It becomes thus possible to perform virtual-prototyping very early in the design cycle with the benefits of being able to assess the feasibility of a design proposal and perform design space exploration for optimizing design choices.

SysML-Companion works with the major SysML editors and Vhdl-Ams simulators available on the market. Upcoming versions of SysML-Companion will include Modelica generation (please let us know if you are interested in other target languages such as Matlab/Simulink, Scilab/Scicos or OpenMAST). The design of SysML-Companion is the result of a joint work with system modeling expert Dr. Yannick Hervé. RTaW strongly believes in SysML for the design of complex systems and is a member of SysML France Association.

SysML Companion in action

SysML-Companion automatically transforms SysML models into simulable Vhdl-Ams programs. Virtual-prototyping made automatic from SysML models!

Interested in more information on SysML-Companion? Please download the flyer or the slides below or, better, request a remote demo.

Screencast: in-depth SysML-Companion demo on the bouncing ball example

RTaW SysML offer:

– SysML Companion: white-box generator shipped with source code, site licensing/unlimited seats, free for academic partners within a collaborative research project,

– Custom extensions: model-checking in Spin or Uppaal, model visual animation, etc,

– Specific model development,

– SysML mentoring.