TIMMO-2-USE stands for “Timing Models – Tools, algorithms, languages, methodology” which is a good summary of the objectives of the project: the development of novel tools, verification algorithms, description languages, and a methodology validated by use cases in order to dimension and validate automotive embedded systems, that are becoming extremely complex with an increasing number of safety-critical functions.

TIMMO-2-USE, started in October 2010 for a duration of 2 years, involves 17 partners from France, Germany, and Sweden including larger companies such as Volvo, Continental, Robert Bosch and Delphi but also research institutes (e.g., Inria, T.U. Braunschsweig, Mälardalen University) and smaller tool vendors such as RTaW. The list of all partners is available on TIMMO-2-USE web site. The outcomes of the project are reviewed by an advisory board of car manufacturers made up of Volvo, PSA, Volkswagen, Audi and Daimler in order to facilitate their dissemination in the industry.

In TIMMO-2-USE, RTaW is the leader of the work-package “Algorithms and tools” and, in collaboration with its partners, will strive to come up with efficient methods and tools suited to design next generation automotive systems in a cost and time effective manner. TIMMO-2-USE, along with the aerospace PEGASE project, enables RTaW to strengthen its R&D services and software offer for the design of complex safety-critical systems.

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