RTaW-Pegase libraries to use in your own applications

The (min,+) mathematical library
(min,+) library
The right API to speed-up the development of your own Network Calculus algorithms

All operators on (min,+) algebra: convolution, deconvolution, horizontal and vertical deviations, etc

Functions to construct most arrival and service curves: rate-latency, leaky-bucket, staircase, etc

Plotting functions to visually check arrival and service curves

Comes with an interpreter to evaluate formulas

Extensively validated on industrial applications since 2009

The simplest approach to Network Calculus timing verification
Pegase library
RTaW-Pegase functionalities in your applications

API-based network description

All timing verification algorithms

Routing and priority assignment algorithms

Design variants management

Results repository

Graphical edition and visualization of networks

Data change notification

And much more ...