How RTaW-TraceInspector will help you increase timing verification coverage?

  • Extract actual traffic characteristics from the traces — frames transmission patterns can be complex with jitters, offsets, event-triggered frames, segmented messages, code upload, diagnostic requests, transmission errors, etc – in practice, there is in many cases a gap between the “ideal” traffic model considered at design-time and the real traffic that can be observed on the buses, RTaW-TraceInspector provides you with the actual traffic characteristics,
  • OEMs: reduce system integration risks — RTaW-TraceInspector checks whether the stations behave according to their specifications – if not re-playing performance evaluation studies with the actual characteristics using RTaW-Sim enables you to know in advance the impacts of non-conformance,
  • Suppliers: ensure your ECUs meet their specifications — make sure and provide evidence that your ECUs behave as expected,
  • Identify abnormal timing behaviors and locate their cause — Communication networks often do not behave at run-time as expected for instance because of sub-optimal implementation choices or shortcomings in the communication stack, because station clocks are drifting apart or simply because of the latencies induced by the scheduling of the tasks that produce the data – RTaW-TraceInspector enables you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network timing performance problems.

Key features

  • Trace analysis for switched Ethernet, Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B and ARINC825 networks,
  • Determine the characteristics of the traffic monitored by statistical analysis of the communication traces: bus load, frame period, priority, jitters, size, offsets, bit-stuffing, etc,
  • Automatically detect abnormal behaviors or departures from the specifications: wrong frame characteristic, priority inversions within sending nodes, unknown mode changes, wrong inter-frame space, abnormal transmission error rate or clock drifts, unknown frames, etc,
  • Powerful visualization environment with Gantt charts to inspect the traces,
  • Convert trace analysis results into models of periodic traffic, event-triggered traffic and transmission errors that can be directly re-used for simulation and worst-case schedulability analysis in RTaW-Sim and RTaW-Pegase,
  • Import traces from the most popular network analyzers (Wireshark PCAP Ng and CANalyzer) – import filters will be developed free of charge if your trace format is not supported yet,
  • Runs on all 32 or 64 bit platforms supporting Java – no dongle or license server protection,
  • Can be extended with your own features through a plug-in infrastructure,
  • Professional support and custom extensions available.

Download RTaW-TraceInspector brochure!
Download RTaW-TraceInspector brochure

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