We have been carrying out a fruitful collaboration with ONERA (the French Aerospace Lab) since 2009 on timing verification techniques for large-scale control systems, be it in customer projects or research projects.

This common work has led to a number of key advances in Network Calculus timing verification algorithms and their implementation enabling RTaW-Pegase to be fit for the design and verification of very large and complex systems such as the networks in civil aircrafts and power grid control networks.

The purpose of this collaboration is to better answer the needs of our end-users such as ABB, Airbus Helicopters and automotive OEMs, which require the techniques and the tools to design their next-generation control systems in a provably safe yet cost-optimized manner.

We are thrilled to strengthen this scientific and commercial collaboration with ONERA with the signature of a new partnership announced at ERTSS 2016, January 27-29 2016:

ONERA and RTaW sign scientific partnership at ERTSS 2016
Jörn Migge, CTO of RTaW, and Marc Boyer, research engineer at ONERA

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