What our Customers are saying

“Pegase is a comprehensive simulation tool that covers all aspects of current and future Automotive communication needed to verify/validate today’s architectures as well as design for the future.

The GUI is intuitively easy to use, and comes with a flexible plugin environment to add custom functionality however I want.

This combined with the great service makes my work day much more efficient.”

“The competition in the smart electric vehicle (EV) market necessitates the swift introduction of new features. This, in turn, demands a new generation of EEA (Electrical and Electronic Architecture) and communication technologies. The implementation of a brand-new tech stack results in challenges when addressing communication and task scheduling problems. RTaW’s SDV functionality enables us to model the temporal behavior of the vehicle and conduct insightful analysis of each activity chain. Throughout this process, the tool provides various scheduling models, state-of-the-art simulation algorithms, and, with RTaW’s robust support, assists us in identifying the traffic and CPU peaks of the system. Ultimately, it helps us pinpoint the appropriate solution. RTaW-Pegase plays a crucial role as a key tool in the development of next-generation EEA.”

“RealTime-at-Work helped us to develop a temporal performance characterisation tool for the avionic systems used in the helicopters of the future. Within an ambitious scheduling and financial context, RealTime-at-Work delivered a finished product which met our expectations and is still evolving today.”