We are the editor of RTaW-Pegase, the industry leading platform for the design, configuration and simulation of embedded communication architectures.

Pegase enables OEMs and Tier1s to develop safe & cost-optimized systems by supporting decision making from early-stage design to integration phase.

Technologies supported: Ethernet TSN, CAN (FD,XL), wireless, gateways, AFDX, TTE, LIN, FlexRay, SOME/IP, DDS, Autosar, Software-Defined Systems, etc.

How can RTaW-Pegase serve your needs?

RTaW brings 15+ years of experience in Simulation and Design Automation Tools for critical systems – our ability to produce highly applicable solutions is proven by our success in assisting our clients in the design of automobiles, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, space launchers, space stations, power grids and industrial systems.

RTaW is leading the way in Ethernet TSN networks design, verification and automated configuration tools – our unique ZeroConfig-TSNⒸ generative design process ensures that your TSN network is configured correctly for maximum efficiency