Generative Design (GD) is a generic term that encompasses all the algorithmic techniques used in RTaW-Pegase for the design automation of E/E architectures. GD includes AI, Design-Space-Exploration (DSE) and “cognification”, which means enriching algorithms with domain expertise. By allowing the combination of human creativity with the power of algorithms, GD can drastically improve automation level, quality and time-to-market. Our GD technologies provide practical answers to challenges like designing “future-proof” E/E architectures, increased system complexity and criticality, dynamically evolving QoS requirements and the necessary hardware resource optimization. RTaW’s sister company Cognifyer is fully dedicated to develop GD technologies that bring OEMs and Tier1s a competitive edge in the design of E/E architectures.

Generative Design Functions

ZeroConfig-TSN® (ZCT) assists the designer in the selection and configuration of TSN protocols. ZCT explores exhaustively the design space and finds the most efficient solution (in terms of costs, complexity, risk, evolutivity, etc) given communication requirements and a set of allowed TSN mechanisms. In our experience, ZCT reduces the development time of TSN networks by a factor 30 or more.

The Topology-Stress-Test® (TST) function assists designers in making early-stage topological and technological design choices for TSN networks at a time when the whole communication requirements are not known. TST relies on synthetic data generated programmatically based on past projects and what is anticipated for the present project. TST quantifies the total network capacity for various technology options, ensuring that your communication architecture is future-proof.

Topology-Optimizer® (TOP) is a function that identifies incremental improvements that increase the capacity of a communication architecture and cost-optimize it (i.e., reducing the speeds of the links wherever possible, suppression of ECUs by moving their functions into other ECUs, etc).

Featured presentations

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