Model-Based Design, Automated Configuration and Timing-Accurate Simulation of Aerospace Electronic Architectures with RTaW-Pegase®

  • Supports the major aerospace technologies with variants management + automated configuration based on requirements + timing accurate simulation + worst-case performance analysis + simulated and real traces analysis

  • Comprehensive support for Ethernet TSN timing & reliability QoS mechanisms – our ZeroConfig-TSNⒸ design assistant ensures your TSN network is configured for maximum efficiency

  • End-to-end configuration and verification with support for gateways, tasks, OS, partitions executing on multi-core processors with the Software-Defined Vehicles module

  • Provide practical answers to the challenge of designing cost-optimized and “future-proof” embedded architectures with RTaW’s Generative Design technologies
• Modelling, Visualization and Variants Management

• Any physical layer including 10BASE-T1S

• Simulation: 802.1Q, CBS, TAS, Preemption, TCP, UDP, TFTP, AFDX, TTEthernet, CB, SOME/IP (TP), T1S (PLCA), AS-2020, ATS (Qcr), Qci, Qch (upon request)

• Worst-case analysis: 802.1Q, CBS, TAS, Preemption, UDP, AFDX, TTEthernet, CB, SOME/IP (TP), T1S (PLCA), AS-2020, ATS (Qcr), Qci, Qch (upon request)

• Automated configuration: (redundant) routing, 802.1Q (priorities), CBS (idle slopes), TAS (schedule), T1S (schedule), ATS, Preemption, combining QoS mechanisms

• YANG export: complete network description incl. traffic and configuration parameters, IEEE/IETF compliant models

• What-if analysis: scale load, migration from CAN (FD) to T1S

• Fault-injection: transmission errors, low-priority flooding

• Worst-case analysis & timing accurate simulation

• Gateways: CAN – CAN, CAN-Ethernet (Autosar Socket Adapter)

• Automated configuration: Allocation of IDs & offsets

• Traffic model: command & control, audio/video, diagnostics, segmentation, event-triggered, …

• What-if analysis: Migration to CAN FD & CAN 2.0B, scale load

• Zero-Config TSN® (ZCT): Automated selection and configuration of TSN protocols

• Topology-Stress-Test® (TST): Cost-aware extensibility analysis

• Topology Optimizer® (TOP): Cost and weight-optimization of the communication architecture

• Standard RTOS and ARINC653

• Task scheduling: FPS, NPFPS, schedule tables

• Simulation & schedulability analysis

• End-to-end delays with Gantt charts: Sensor -> CPU -> network(s) -> CPU -> actuator

• Switched Ethernet and Controller-Area Network

• Trace visualisation as Gantt chart with recognition of protocol messages

• Provide actual performance metrics as seen in the traces (e.g., loads, jitters)

• Identify departures from the specification in the traces (e.g., sizes, transmission patterns, unknown frames)

• Support of industry standard trace formats such as PCAP

• Simulation & Analysis

• Frame & PDU routing

• Protocol agnostic

• 802.11p support

• Gatewaying to/from wired networks

• Worst-case analysis & simulation

• Gatewaying to/from Ethernet / AFDX

Featured Uses-Cases of RTaW-Pegase®

  • Design and verification tool for CAN and Ethernet networks at Airbus Helicopters since 2013 (see joint study – paper, slides)

  • Verification tool for Time-Triggered Ethernet transmission schedules at NASA and ArianeGroup

  • Migration to TSN and technological choices at Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space and Thales

  • Design of next generation space systems at Axiom Space and CNES

Experience and Expertise

RTaW brings 15+ years of experience in the design of E/E architectures

Gained in cutting-edge aerospace projects and continuous R&D works over the years.

Pegase used by 35+ OEMs

Your Success is Our Priority

Pegase is used by major aerospace OEMs such as ArianeGroup, Airbus Helicopters and NASA – see the companies that trust us

Actionable Knowledge Base

You don't start from scratch

Technical documents, manuals, examples, trainings, R&D papers, and the practical experience of our team members constitute a body of knowledge that can you build on in your projects.

Addressing the challenges of aerospace embedded architectures

Quality & Speed

Explore more design alternatives and dramatically reduce the time needed for physical prototyping with Pegase

Safe and sound networks and ECUs

Pegase’s proprietary configuration algorithms return provably correct and optimized scheduling solutions

Cost-Optimized and Future-Proof

Expand the lifetime of your systems while removing any HW over-dimensioning


“RealTime-at-Work helped us to develop a temporal performance characterisation tool for the avionic systems used in the helicopters of the future. Within an ambitious scheduling and financial context, RealTime-at-Work delivered a finished product which met our expectations and is still evolving today.”

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