Model-Based Design, Automated Configuration and Timing-Accurate Simulation of Automotive E/E Architectures with RTaW-Pegase®

  • Support all major automotive technologies with variants management + industry standard files import/export + automated configuration based on requirements + timing accurate simulation + worst-case performance analysis + simulated and real traces analysis

  • Comprehensive support for Ethernet TSN timing & reliability QoS mechanisms – our ZeroConfig-TSNⒸ design assistant ensures your TSN network is configured for maximum efficiency

  • End-to-end configuration and timing verification across the vehicle with support of real-time OSes, hypervisors, service-oriented architectures, gateways, tasks, runnables executing on multi-core processors with the Software-Defined Vehicles module

  • Provide practical answers to the challenge of designing cost-optimized and “future-proof” E/E architectures with RTaW’s Generative Design technologies
• Modelling, Visualization and Variants Management

• Any physical layer including 10BASE-T1S

• Simulation: 802.1Q, CBS, TAS, Preemption, TCP, UDP, TFTP, AFDX, TTEthernet, CB, SOME/IP (TP), T1S (PLCA), AS-2020, ATS (Qcr), Qci, Qch (upon request)

• Worst-case analysis: 802.1Q, CBS, TAS, Preemption, UDP, AFDX, TTEthernet, CB, SOME/IP (TP), T1S (PLCA), AS-2020, ATS (Qcr), Qci, Qch (upon request)

• Automated configuration: (redundant) routing, 802.1Q (priorities), CBS (idle slopes), TAS (schedule), T1S (schedule), ATS, Preemption, combining QoS mechanisms

• YANG export: complete network description incl. traffic and configuration parameters, IEEE/IETF compliant models

• What-if analysis: scale load, migration from CAN (FD) to T1S

• Fault-injection: transmission errors, low-priority flooding

• Worst-case analysis & timing accurate simulation

• Gateways: CAN – CAN, CAN-Ethernet (Autosar Socket Adapter)

• Automated configuration: Allocation of IDs & offsets

• Traffic model: command & control, audio/video, diagnostics, segmentation, event-triggered, …

• What-if analysis: Migration to CAN FD & CAN 2.0B, scale load

• Zero-Config TSN® (ZCT): Automated selection and configuration of TSN protocols

• Topology-Stress-Test® (TST): Cost-aware extensibility analysis

• Topology Optimizer® (TOP): Cost and weight-optimization of the communication architecture

• Simulation & worst-case schedulability analysis

• Service-oriented communications with DDS and SOME/IP (TP)

• Standard RTOS (Autosar Classic) and Hypervisors

• Task scheduling: FPS, NPFPS, schedule tables

• End-to-end delays with Gantt charts: Sensor -> CPU -> network(s) -> CPU -> actuator

• Switched Ethernet and Controller-Area Network

• Trace visualisation as Gantt chart with recognition of protocol messages

• Provide actual performance metrics as seen in the traces (e.g., loads, jitters)

• Identify departures from the specification in the traces (e.g., sizes, transmission patterns, unknown frames)

• Support of industry standard trace formats such as PCAP

• Simulation & Analysis

• Frame & PDU routing

• Protocol agnostic

• 802.11p support

• Gatewaying to/from wired networks

• Worst-case analysis & simulation

• Gatewaying to/from CAN (FD)

• Autosar support

• Simulation trace visualization

• Worst-case analysis & simulation of static and dynamic segment

• Gatewaying to/from CAN (FD)

• Simulation trace visualization with Gantt charts

Driving your innovation toward the mobility of the future

Experience and Expertise

RTaW brings 15+ years of experience in the design of E/E architectures

Gained on numerous vehicles projects and continuous R&D over the years.

Pegase used at 35+ OEMs

Your Success is Our Priority

RTaW-Pegase enables the safety of millions of cars – see the companies that trust us

Actionable Knowledge Base

You don't start from scratch

Technical documents, manuals, examples, trainings, R&D papers, and the experience of our experts constitute a body of knowledge that you can rely on.

Addressing the challenges of E/E architectures development

Design Space Exploration and Time-To-Market

Explore more design alternatives and greatly reduce the time needed for physical prototyping

Safe and Sound Networks and ECUs

Pegase’s proprietary configuration algorithms return provably correct and highly-optimized scheduling solutions

Cost-Optimized and Future-Proof

Expand the lifetime of your systems while removing any HW over-dimensioning

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“Pegase is a comprehensive simulation tool that covers all aspects of current and future Automotive communication needed to verify/validate today’s architectures as well as design for the future.

The GUI is intuitively easy to use, and comes with a flexible plugin environment to add custom functionality however I want.

This combined with the great service makes my work day much more efficient.”

News & Events

  • 2024/03: “How DDS and TSN can help to manage a flexible in-vehicle network architecture. Paving the way to software-defined networking” was presented at the Automotive Ethernet Congress that took place on March 5-7, 2024 in Munich. This is joint work with our technology partner Real-Time Innovations.  Download presentation slides. Watch recorded webinar with RTI.
  • 2024/04: we will have booths at Embedded World 2024 (Nuremberg, April 9-11) and Automotive Software Strategies 2024 (Munich, April 24-25). Jörn Migge, RTaW CTO, will participate in the round table on TSN held at the industry day of the WFCS 2024 conference (Toulouse, April 17-19).

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