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We are working to find new and better ways to design automotive, aerospace, and industrial systems, and we are looking for people to help shape tomorrow in these industries.

RTaW is a team of 20 people and 8 citizenships located in several countries in Europe. We consider diversity as a key asset, and, to enrich the team and better serve our customers, we are currently looking to hire native English, German and Chinese speakers. People with other cultural backgrounds are of course welcome to apply too!

RTaW is looking for people who are willing to make a difference and have an impact in their industry. A successful experience in the automotive, aerospace, industrial or software engineering domains is needed. Applicants should have good communication and teamwork skills, and have demonstrated their ability to be at the top of their game. RTaW is especially seeking out “managers of one”, people who come up with their own goals and execute them, and for whom earning and deserving customers’ trust is a top priority.

RTaW is a growing company that offers opportunities to software and E/E engineers, DevOps engineers, computer scientists (e.g., in the field of optimization and machine learning) and field engineers with a technical background in networking or real-time embedded systems. Remote work and part-time work is a possibility.

Are you interested? Let us know how you think you can contribute.

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