Modelling, Configuration and Visualization

Describe networks and communication requirements with design variants

Set configuration parameters in an automated maner : Priorities, offesets, shapers, schedules, preemption

Understand network timing behavior e.g with Gantt charts across links and networks

Fine-grained performance evaluation for complex protocols (Dolp, TCP, etc) with timing-accurate simulation

Provide firm guarantees on delays and memory usage with worst-case analysis

Define and validate gatewaying & bridging strategies for interconected networks

Check by communication trace analyses that network devices and applications behave according to their specification

Export entire set of network parameters in YANG/XML and deploy them in your network using e.g Netconf

Share network description and configuration alternatives with all stakeholders using the “Viewer”

Augmented Engineering: Design-Space Exploration and Generative Design

Select the networking technologies (data rate & protocols) needed to support upcoming use-cases for witch communication requirements are not fully know

Estimate the capacity of additional traffic that an existing network can support

Identity network bottlenecks and propose incremental improvements to lift them

Automate the selection of TSN protocols and their configuration to meet communication requirement and design goals

Extend RTaW-Pegase capabilities

With the Pegase library, all functions of RTaW-Pegase can be executed from within your own programs : to enhance your design flow, for R&D studies, etc…

RTaW-Pegase can be extended via Java plugins : import/export filters, new protocol support, specific gatewaying strategies, proprietary configuration algorithms, etc…