Supported technologies

Modelling, Configuration and Visualization

Describe networks and communication requirements with design variants

Set configuration parameters in an automated maner : Priorities, offesets, shapers, schedules, preemption

Understand network timing behavior e.g with Gantt charts across links and networks

Fine-grained performance evaluation for complex protocols (Dolp, TCP, etc) with timing-accurate simulation

Provide firm guarantees on delays and memory usage with worst-case analysis

Define and validate gatewaying & bridging strategies for interconected networks

Check by communication trace analyses that network devices and applications behave according to their specification

Export entire set of network parameters in YANG/XML and deploy them in your network using e.g Netconf

Share network description and configuration alternatives with all stakeholders using the “Viewer”

Augmented Engineering: Design-Space Exploration and Generative Design

Select the networking technologies (data rate & protocols) needed to support upcoming use-cases for witch communication requirements are not fully know

Request a demo of Topology-Stress-Test®

Estimate the capacity of additional traffic that an existing network can support

Request A demo of Topology-Stress-test®

Identity network bottlenecks and propose incremental improvements to lift them

Request a demo of Topology-Optimizer®

Automate the selection of TSN protocols and their configuration to meet communication requirement and design goals

Resquest a demo of ZeroConfig-TSN®

Extend RTaW-Pegase capabilities

With the Pegase library, all functions of RTaW-Pegase can be executed from within your own programs : to enhance your design flow, for R&D studies, etc…

Request documentation, examples and templates

RTaW-Pegase can be extended via Java plugins : import/export filters, new protocol support, specific gatewaying strategies, proprietary configuration algorithms, etc…

Request documentation, examples and templates