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Company — RealTime-at-Work (RTaW) is a company out of INRIA research institute, which was founded by a team of researchers and engineers who have gathered a wide range of skills and experiences in the development of critical embedded systems since the mid 1990’s.

Mission — Our belief is that know-how driven design platforms allow simpler and faster ways to develop critical embedded systems through modeling, timing-accurate simulation and design space exploration on virtual platforms – our commitment to you is to bring you top-level tools and customer support.

Industry — Customers of RTaW include OEMs such as Mercedes Cars, Renault, PSA, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence and Space, Thales, CNES, ABB, tier-one suppliers as well as consulting companies. Our ability to produce highly applicable solutions is proven by our success in helping our clients design automotive, aerospace and industrial systems.

Offering — RTaW provides design platforms & verification tools in the field of cyber-physical systems.

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