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Design and optimization of embedded real-time systems

RTaW software suite is aimed at automating the design, the verification and the configuration of embedded networks and Electronic Control Units (ECU). It enables the designer to best manage the complexity, optimize the design and configuration choices, while reducing hardware costs and system integration risks – RTaW software suite is comprised of:

Product Matrix

TechnologiesRTaW Product
TechnologiesRTaW Product
Switched Ethernet, AFDX, AVB, TSN, TTEthernet, NOC for manycore processorsRTaW-Pegase
CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B, ARINC825 and CAN FDRTaW-Sim
Autosar OS, Posix1003.1b, ARINC653RTaW-ECU
Design, Simulate, Execute Embedded Systems - Windows, embedded Linux and embedded targets (NXP FRDM)CPAL